BDVe Innovation Marketplace

The BDVe Innovation Marketplace offers a view on assets resulting from projects under the BDV PPP umbrella. It provides free access to a catalogue of solutions from the BDV PPP to external organizations, as well a contact point to the organizations behind each asset, and the opportunity to participate in discussion forums, and a contribution channel to upload additional information for new assets.

The main functionality lies in the catalogue of solutions which provides a search and filter actions to help finding the right asset for the people looking for specific solutions for their needs in the scope of BDV PPP.

Business Case (short): 

This site provides the oportunity for all the solutions created under the BDVe PPP to be visible in one single point so anyone interested can browse the contents and contact the solution owner.

Process description: 
  1. Register in the platform
  2. Click on Contribute option in main menu
  3. Click on NEW SOLUTION tab
  4. Fill in your solution information
  5. Click on save
  6. Once completed select the solution, go to Workflow tab and click on Review to submit the content.
  7. You may receive and additional request to improve your content before it is published.
Technology & integration: 

Web based service.