Innovation platform

Platform to support the development of ideas in an innovative, creative and collaborative way. Furthermore to carry out, develop and evaluate these ideas iteratively and in a structured manner. This platform brings the idea generator and organizer together. Thereby the open innovative paradigm is taken into account.

Business Case (short): 

In any joint project where common work over different locations is necessary.

Business Case (extended): 

Different teams can work across different locations together. It enables people (of different locations) to work simultaneous and non simultaneous on their projects and share all results in a structured manner. Therefore less physcal meetings are necessary.


Three main components are:

- Campaign: a campaign is like a poster, which contains all information a given problem. Everybody can comment on this campaign or propose a solution.

- Wall: This is comparable with a white board. It serves as working place, which can be shared with other people. Ideas: they contain a "business card", which is used to sum up the most important information. In the background there is a lot more information. Ideas have un through different maturity levels. The ideas can be commented and "liked" by other platform users.

Process description: 

Working together over disctance: dicussion and sharing information

Requirements to implement in an organization: 

Provide access to platform.