Nimble Bee

Each competition is a series of iterations through a managed network of universities and consumer communities, resulting in valuable new ideas for the companies, and experience in real-life business for universities and students.

Business Case (short): 

Customer testimonials:

Business Case (extended): 

- For Businesses looking for a fast way to come up with new and disrupting packging ideas.

- For businesses looking to improve current packging.

- For businesses looking for new and disruptive promotion materials.

- For businesses looking to implement recent trends in their packaging strategy (ie 3D printing).


Crowd Competition: challenges are presented in on online environment, and ideas to solve the challenge are requested from large groups of people with a set of competences that matches the needs of the challenge.

Process description: 

1. Build Brief

2. Launch contest

3. Review submissions

4. Choose finalists

5. Customer validation

6. Select winners

Requirements to implement in an organization: 

Requires an organisation that has the time to fit the design challenge in the curriculi of the schools. By default the assignment starts when the first or second semester starts. Require FTE's for reviewing the ideas.

Technology & integration: 

Stand-alone, web based, not integrated with other tools. Requires a recent web browser.