Open Innovation Cloud Platform

This tool represent an open innovation platform for knowledge sharing with the objectives:

- Enhance technolgy transfer and knowledge sharing among your members.

- Generate opportunities for collaboration in R&D and innovation by inviting your members to post technology needs and offers.

- Accelerate and make more efficient the process to detect internal opportunities in R&D and innovation among business units, research groups and employees.

- Build and manage your own trusted open innovation network.

Business Case (short): 

The cloud base collaborative platform for sharing intellectual property and innovation under a secure envirnment.

Aimed at corporations, technology transfer offices at universities and science parks, clusters, business associations and economic promotion agencies, InnogetCloud is developed to build your own trusted open innovation network, with your orgaanization's branding and look & feel.

Business Case (extended): 

Generate both internal and external collaborative opportunities in R&D and Innovation, and connect your Cloud to the world via

Success factors: High effective matchmaking system.

Good quality content.

Provide secure environment.

Process description: 

1. Build an open innovation network.

2. Share the network.

3. Interact and collaborate -> shareproperty and innovation.

Technology & integration: 

Web based platform.