Pioneers Ventures

Pioneers Ventures is a pre-seed investor empowering outstanding startups with a global network of corporates, industry experts and entrepreneurs.

Business Case (short): 

Early-stage start-up investments.
Pioneers Ventures invests in early-stage startups – companies that will be able to scale and deliver disruptive innovation with relatively little resources by leveraging the power of technology. Pioneers Ventures focuses on digital only.

Business Case (extended): 

Business Development: Privileged access to Pioneers events around the globe to grow your relevant network. We match you with peers, corporate partners and potential clients.
Silicon Valley Insights: Our Silicion Valley Insights tour gives you two weeks of meetings with serial founders and VCs as well as pitches in front of product/market experts.
Learning and Mentoring: One-on-one mentoring sessions with industry experts (physically or online). Pioneers Ventures portfolio day enables high quality peer-to-peer learning.
Financial Support: We fund you with our pre-seed investment of up to €125K and help you raise follow on funding through our global investors network.

Process description: 

Business Development
Silicon Valley Insights
Learning and Mentoring
Financial Support

Pioneers Ventures focuses on digital only.
Requirements to implement in an organization: 

not applicable

Technology & integration: 

not applicable