is a listing of challenge and prize competitions, all of which are run by more than 80 agencies across federal government. These include technical, scientific, ideation, and creative competitions where the U.S. government seeks innovative solutions from the public, bringing the best ideas and talent together to solve mission-centric problems.

Business Case (short): 
Business Case (extended): 

Breast Cancer Startup

  • Agency: National Institutes of Health
  • Winner: Sourav Sinha (Oncolinx Pharmaceuticals), Boston, Massachusetts
  • In Brief: The Oncolinx team developed a business strategy to develop and market novel toxins that can be used in therapies that target drug-resistant tumors for less money and with fewer side effects.

Equal Pay App

  • Agency: Department of Labor
  • Winner: Laquitta DeMerchant (Fuzion Apps), Sugar Land, Texas
  • In Brief: She submitted a software solution in a White House-U.S. Department of Labor challenge to use publicly available labor data to create applications to build tools that promote equal pay.

NASA Lunar Lander

  • Agency: NASA
  • Winner: Sean Mahoney (Masten Space Systems), Mojave, California
  • In Brief: His team aimed for the stars, demonstrating cost-effective vertical landing capability in a NASA competition to build and fly a rocket-powered vehicle that simulates the flight of a vehicle on the Moon.

Crowd Competition: challenges are presented in on online environment, and ideas to solve the challenge are requested from large groups of people with a set of competences that matches the needs of the challenge.

Process description: 

1. Government posts challenges

2. Citizens share with their friends

3. Talented people find solutions to the problems

Requirements to implement in an organization: 


Technology & integration: 

Stand-alone, web based, not integrated with other tools. Requires a recent webbrowser.