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First OI Workshop after project end

First OI Workshop after project end
August, 2019

S2S beneficiaries (i2m and IfM-ECS) organised within the context of LIA the first OI Workshop for Austrian SMEs after the project end, focussing on Science2Society pilot 6 – “Knowledge Transfer”.

Main aim of this 2-days workshop was to help SMEs to identify potential digital solutions and to build awareness of digitalisation for their business. Furthermore, a roadmap approach as strategic tool in a complex business environment was used.

5th S2S Expert-Talk at SIEMENS in Vienna

March, 2019

On the 26th of February 2019 SIEMENS hosted, together with Plattform Industrie 4.0 Austria and Science2Society partners (i2m, IfM-ECS) an Expert Talk on the topic “Digital Transformation: Mission Possible”. Innovation practitioners from 9 different companies off all sizes representing various sectors (telecommunication, ICT, Electronics, etc.) joined the event and lively discussed the opportunities and challenges of digital transformation. In this discussion especially the role of innovation as well as open innovation and corresponding good practices were discussed.

Pulling things together – Final Meeting before project end

February, 2019

On 12th February 2019, the Science2Society project partners met in Cambridge (UK) for the last face-to-face meeting before project end.

An important point of discussion was how to further boost Learning and Implementation Alliance (LIA), to be an instrument of sharing knowledge and know-how between science and society. Planning for forthcoming workshops, open forum activities etc. were discussed; in addition, the consortium will get in touch with other H2020 projects in the field of Open Innovation and will focus on dissemination and exploitation with EUA and EIRMA. 

S2S Expert-Talk in the Siemens City in Vienna

January, 2019

Large companies and SMEs in Austria are invited to discuss and exchange ideas on the topic “Digital Transformation: Mission Possible” on 26th February in the Siemens City in Vienna. To stimulate knowledge sharing regarding this hot topic, Duncan Hurlstone, a Senior Industrial Fellow of the Cambridge University, Institute of Manufacturing will give a short inspiring presentation titled “Exploring, prioritising & new value generation opportunities”.

Expert Talk at Borealis Polyolefine in Austria

Aldo Ofenheimer giving a short introduction to Science2Society (© i2m GmbH 2018)
October, 2018

On the 24th of October 2018 Markus Schopf - open innovation manager of Borealis Polyolefine (Linz, Austria), a 6 billion multinational - jointly invited with partners from the S2S-project (i2m, IfM-ECS) organisations of different size and from various sectors to exchange ideas on the topic “Shift to services in technology-intensive organisations – how to scale?!”. Eight companies from energy providers and industrials equipment production to automotive and infrastructure planners joint the invitation to this evening event focussing on Scince2Society pilot 6 – “Knowledge Transfer”.

Meet our new blueprints!

October, 2018

Science2Society carried out an in-depth pilot activity on the most common and relevant University-Industry-Society (UIS) Interaction Mechanisms and focused on seven of the most relevant of them. The Science2Society team is now presenting the results of this study in a very useful format: the Science2Society blueprints!

Science2Society-project meeting in Karlsruhe - ProVIL workshop

October, 2018

On the 26th of September 2018 an interactive workshop was held by Benjamin Walter at the Institute of Technology and Product Engineering (KIT-IPEK) in Karlsruhe, during the last day of the Science2Society-project meeting. The focus of this workshop was ProVIL (Product development with future users in a Virtual Idea-Laboratory), a Live-Lab to research processes, methods and tools of distributed product generation engineering.