Meet our new blueprints!

October, 2018

The Science2Society team is now presenting the results of this study in a very useful format: the Science2Society blueprints!

The mission of Science2Society is to understand and improve the efficiency of the European innovation system and the ways it creates new businesses, turns technology into products and services, attracts financing and creates value from academic research. In order to reach its objectives, Science2Society carried out an in-depth pilot activity on the most common and relevant University-Industry-Society (UIS) Interaction Mechanisms and focused on seven of the most relevant of them. 

Our blueprints are step-by-step "Open Innovation applied" guides for setting up a UIS Interaction Mechanism in the field of Open Innovation and can be used for replicability, but also for designing new innovation mechanisms. Each blueprint includes a detailed process overview of the interaction mechanism, followed by relevant insights (e.g. characteristics of the innovation actors, enabling elements, challenges & tips) and the most important findings and recommendations.

Meet the seven UIS Interaction Mechanisms and its blueprints!