Hands-on Workshops with Practical Results at S2S Final Event

February, 2019

In the afternoon session of the Final event, three different workshops were organised by partners of the Science2Society project:

  • Workshop 1. Roadmapping for Strategic Planning. Organised by Nicky Athanassopoulou (IfM-ECS)
  • Workshop 2. How to smoothen the journey for all stakeholders involved in creating university spin-offs. Organised by Laszlo Bax and Maarten Buysse (Bax & Company)
  • Workshop 3. Digitalisation - Prioritising & Selecting the Best Innovative Opportunities. Organised by Duncan Hurlstone (IfM-ECS) and Aldo Ofenheimer (i2m)

Some participants explored user journey analysis dedicated to smoothening the process of university spin-off creation (workshop 2), while other hands-on workshops introduced a roadmap to help organisations align technological and commercial objectives (workshop 1) and a scoring method to measure opportunity and feasibility of innovative opportunities (workshop 3).

If you’d like to find out more, go to Science2Society Final Event website.

Cambridge, UK