First OI Workshop after project end

First OI Workshop after project end
August, 2019

S2S beneficiaries (i2m and IfM-ECS) organised within the context of LIA the first OI Workshop for Austrian SMEs after the project end, focussing on Science2Society pilot 6 – “Knowledge Transfer”.

Main aim of this 2-days workshop was to help SMEs to identify potential digital solutions and to build awareness of digitalisation for their business. Furthermore, a roadmap approach as strategic tool in a complex business environment was used.

SMEs from energy sector as well as software domain participated to this this workshop held in Graz (Austria) at the end of July 2019 and facilitated by Nicky Athanassopoulou and Aldo Ofenheimer.

This first OI workshop was a huge success and similar workshops will follow, involving organisations of different size and from various sectors to stimulate knowledge sharing in the field of Innovation and Technology Management.

Graz (Austria)