This is an example of how companies can collaborate with society to innovate in their products. Chaordix provides with a social media platform that focuses on recurring innovation challenges to foster community spirit as well as idea generation. Chaordix goes beyond calls for a single project or task and instead brings together a group of interested people to work on a continuum of innovations and projects simply because they are fans of the brand.

Business Case (short): 

Major corporations like LEGO and HTC use this platform to work with their loyal customers to generate new products or innovations.

Business Case (extended): 

The process is a major collaborative effort between Chaorix and the company.

5 steps:

1) Clarify: better understand the situation or problem the company is trying to address.

2) Create: build a community that inspires new products, services and impactful marketing content.

3) Optimize: A good idea doesn't become great until the concepts and prototypes have been market-tested.

4) Implement: design promotional strategies to bring the best ideas into the world.

5) Reflect: think about the company's community's participation levels and inspiration.

Process description: 

1. Idea generation, collection and evaluation.

2. Go to market.

3. Post evaluation.

Requirements to implement in an organization: 


Technology & integration: 

Web based.