D1.1 Online knowledge database

October, 2018

The online Knowledge Database (KD), http://science2society.eu/main-knowledge-database, part of the Science2Society web portal, is a public accessible and easy to use database that contains all the knowhow gathered by the WP1 activities; existing knowledge, methods and tools of state-of-the-art and emerging approaches of cooperation between universities, industry and research organisations in the field of open innovation and science 2.0. The knowledge database and its content will foster the success of the S2S project and the fulfilment of its objectives, since it will be used by the different stakeholders (universities, industry and research organisations, society) as a methodological toolbox and practical guidelines for cooperation, identification and analysis of innovation models. An initial version of the database was implemented and published at the end of February 2017 by ATOS. Further features will be incorporated during the second year, such as standard input forms for other cooperation projects/initiatives to be added in the KD as well as possibility of moderation of such forms before publishing. From a technical point of view, the public website has been developed using Drupal 7 which is an open source Content Management System (CMS) addressed to easily manage websites, edit contents, upload images, documents, etc. via a browser-based interface. It follows the graphical identity of the project defined in deliverable D4.3. This is an accompanying report of the deliverable D1.1 online KD, whose nature is “Websites, Patents filling, etc.” and planned within work package WP1 entitled “Collection and analysis of models, programs and tools”. The main objective of this work-package is to collect the existing knowledge, methods, tools and approaches of cooperation between university, industry and research organizations in the field of open innovation and science 2.0 and publish it in an easy to use online database. Moreover, WP1´s outcome will serve for the modelling, analysis and enhancement of the seven innovation schemes of the Science2Society CSA project. This document is divided into 4 chapters: Section 2 details the objectives of the S2S online KD; Section 3 provides the technical design of the KD; Information about the KD interface is provided in section 4; Finally, the Conclusion section presents the main outcomes of the document and future planning.