D4.3 Project visual identity

July, 2019

As a tool to ensure an effective transfer of project results and of know-how between universities, RTOs (research and technology organisations), SMEs (small- and medium-sized enterprises), industry and other relevant stakeholders of the European Research Arena (ERA) as well as to provide a solid basis for optimal dissemination and exploitation activities of the project’s results, marketing-driven applications and professionally crafted materials have been developed. The project brand and project marketing applications (project flyer, brochure, PPT master, etc.) as well as a website were established and are maintained in order to inform the different stakeholders and the public in general about the project.

The objective is to increase the public visibility of the project and subsequently its outcomes and facilitate the overall project goal to boost Europe’s Innovation ecosystem. Moreover, the aim is to facilitate the market uptake of new products resulting from a successful implementation of the project’s pilots in the course of the Science2Society (S2S) project.

In order to realize these objectives a completely new brand identity has been created for the S2S project. It supports internal as well as external communication: On the one hand, it contributes to the internal identification and motivation, and accounts for a tangible project culture. On the other hand, the special brand identity safeguards brand recognition and the dissemination of S2S values, messages and materials.

The project logo, the key visual, the brand identity, all general templates and master documents, the website as well as the flyer have already been implemented and the consortium is using the applications in their daily process. Moreover a brochure, a roll-up, newsletter, a poster and several further applications are already designed and will be implemented very soon. All the applications implemented, the ones that are going to be implemented as well as the future applications as e.g. give-aways and on demand applications are and will be coherently designed and transport values such as simplicity, progress and community. By developing a professional joint image and appearance together with the clear and consistent design of the brand appearance of S2S a solid and future-oriented basis for further dissemination and exploitation activities has been set.