D4.5 Dissemination kit

July, 2019

The EU project Science2Society (S2S) aims at improving university, industry and society interfaces to boost the throughput capacity of Europe's innovation stakeholders. Many of the project deliverables are therefore directly addressed to these stakeholders and are designed to provide immediately applicable value.

This is why communication and dissemination activities of S2S aim at a good visibility of the project and bringing its activities and outcomes to the attention of as many relevant stakeholders as possible. In order to support this goal, appropriate communication materials and channels are needed . Work package 4 (and specifically the task 4.2) provides theses in form of a dissemination kit in order to support the external communication and dissemination activities.

The materials included in the dissemination kit have been generated using the predefined brand design and brand elements detailed in the deliverable D4.3 Project Visual Identity [2]. This kit includes the following items for the first year of the project:

• Project factsheet

• Press release

• Poster

• Project website

• Project presentation

• S2S introductory video.

Additionally, the dissemination kit includes a set of templates which will be used to produce further project material in the future:

• Flyer template

• Brochure design (print and online)

• Newsletter template

• Press release template

• Word, excel and power point templates for project deliverables/presentations

• Roll up template to be used in events and trainings

• Name badges template

• Advertisement template (online and print)

• Poster template

It should be remarked that this deliverable does not aim to provide a report on the dissemination activities carried out during the first year of the Sicence2Society project, but it rather collects some of the key dissemination elements which the beneficiaries use for project branding. Further dissemination materials will be produced during the project lifecycle as more project outcomes are achieved.