External Bachelor-Thesis and Master-Thesis

A student works during his Bachelor-Thesis or Master-thesis on a topic that is of common interest from university and industry. All three parties (student, university and industry) learn each other’s needs and lean to understand each other.


Students with innovative and fresh ideas work on a topic that is of common interest for the university and the industry.

  • clearly defined task
  • supervisor from the university's side (scientific staff)
  • supervisor from the industry's side
  • student willing to write his bachelor-thesis or master-thesis at the connection between university and industry
  • research material (library, experts, test rigs, ...)
Success factors: 
  • clearly defined task
  • innovative atmosphere
  • open minded student


  • unclear task
  • university and industry having different ideas on how the task should be solved
  • IP issues
Contact information: 

Research Group System Reliability, Adaptive Structures, and Machine Acoustics SAM, Magdalenenstrasse 4, 64289 Darmstadt, Germany.