First web-milestone in ProVIL!

May, 2017

After an intensive analysis phase, there was the first milestone of ProVIL 2017 at 18th may. For the first time the milestone was conducted across locations through the IPEK (Karlsruhe) and the partners Centro Ricerche Fiat (CRF, Turin) and Bax&Company (B&C, Barcelona) via web conference.

During the analysis phase 49 ProVIL-participants supported by the Innovation Coaches worked out an extensive knowledge base for the development challenge „Vehicles for future sharing economies“.

About half of all participants researched in 11 supplementary sectors. They didn´t only focus on the state of the art in the sector car-sharing vehicles and small vans but also business models, markets, competing provider and market conditions.

Another part of the students generated market scenarios in comprehensive detail work. The scenarios show possible future developments for the sectors car sharing and transportation systems. Therefore, they provide a good base to generate product profiles and product ideas in the following project phases.

To improve understanding of future customers and other stakeholders, the students generated so-called personas. These personas will be completed in the following project phase with information from qualitative expert interviews.

The partners in Turin and Barcelona are very happy with the results and evaluate the format of a web milestone as positive. At the end of the milestone, mentors and students met at the “Ehrenhof”, a popular courtyard at the campus of KIT. Here it became clear: Although web milestones have many advantages, nevertheless celebrating project success works best when all come together at the same place.