Collaborative idea management.

Business Case (short): 

HYPE GO! enables small to medium-sized organizations and individual departments of bigger enterprises to bring their employees, customers, or partners together to collaboratively solve problems, make processes more efficient, and discover new opportunities.

Business Case (extended): 

Idea Campaigns: To focus the innovation activities to business critical problems, several campaigns with different time lines and audiences may be set up. The audience might either be the whole community or limited to explicitly named users. A campaign manager describes the goal of the campaign; he selects the participants and the timeline.

Ideas: The target audience can submit ideas in a campaign. These submitted ideas can then be discussed and voted upon by the audience. During the following evaluation phase, the ideas are reviewed by a campaign specific evaluation team, based upon a freely configurable form. Based these results, the campaign manager selects the winning ideas.

Projects: Ideas are enriched and combined to project proposals, which will then migrate to fully blown projects during the process. The process can be configured to meet your needs, by providing building blocks of collaboration phases, framed by a predefined goal, terminated by a review step, in which the management decides whether the project will be continued or terminated. The project workflow can centrally be defined by the admin from one or several such blocks. During these phases the project team collaboratively works on the project to provide the predefined goals for this phase.


HYPE GO! concentrates on covering the front-end functionalities of an innovation management tool, enriched with essentials for the back-end to track innovation projects.

Process description: 

The process allows for the structured generation of ideas, for their elaboration and finally implementation in innovation projects.

Requirements to implement in an organization: 

not availble

Technology & integration: 

Linux, Mac, Windows, Web-based, Windows Phone.