The "Fraunhofer Ideenportal" is a web based service that offers a secure environment to register, develop and discuss (innovation) ideas, prepare project proposals for internal funding and to take part on internal competition for ideas to all Fraunhofer employees. It also supports the exchange of ideas and the possibility to develop briefly ideas to projects and potential marketable products. For that "Fraunhofer Ideenportal" offers different areas and tools:

- The "Personal room" is for collecting and further develop (innovation)ideas to projects.

- The "Inspiration forum" allows the communication and cooperation with all registered employees within Fraunhofer, to discuss ideas, find partners for the own ideas.

- The "idea rooms" offer the possibility to discuss an further develop ideas with selected users.

- The "tech-to-business-path" offers tools and templates for development and description of a suitable business model in parallel to the development of the technical idea (e.g. in the idea rooms) It also supports direct links to Fraunhofer internal funding programs and the proposal preparation.

Business Case (short): 

The “Fraunhofer Ideenportal” is service of the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft for all there related institutes and employees.

Process description: 

Idea generation,  collection and evaluation (including getting information from previous research, patents, etc).

Development (business case & plan).

Requirements to implement in an organization: 

Provide access to platform; willingness for collaborative work.

Technology & integration: 

Web based.