Jive X

It's the ultimate platform for partner communities, driving and improving every stage of the partner lifecycle from onboarding to enablement and collaboration. Whether you're selling, distributing or innovating, your Jive-x partner community is a one-stop-shop for partner training materials, product documentation, reseller tools, developer resources, interactive groups and private collaboration spaces.

Business Case (short): 

Use at CA Technologies for collaboration and information sharing with partners, customers, as well as internal collaboration. Innovation hub (feedback from customers, from experts, idea wall for idea sharing (internal use only).

Business Case (extended): 

CA has its own version of the tool: CA Communities. Anyone can become a member of CA Communities and collaborate with business experts, access exclusive content and training, network, submit ideas, vote for the most interesting ideas, among other actvities. CA Communities has an internal tool called Idea Wall, currently only open to CA employees, where they can submit any idea and the ideas are voted by other employees.


Jive X provides a company with a space for its customers and partners to gather, so that they can work together to give innovative ideas, feedback on existing products, opinions, preferences, etc. Process: join the community, set up your profile, learn, share & connect (find content, find people, find communities), create and submit an idea, provide feedback.

Process description: 

1. Idea generation, collection and evaluation.

2. Go to market.

3. Post evaluation.

Requirements to implement in an organization: 


Technology & integration: 

Web based; Out of the Box; can be integrated with Gmail, Gdrive, Skype, Outlook, Sharepoint, Salesforce and others.