jovoto enables large brands and NGOs to brainstorm at scale and solve design and innovation challenges with more than 80 000 creative professionals globally. The scale of projects range from working with a few hundred curated talents under NDA to foster innovation by large scale creative conversations involving broad public audiences while turning the creative challenge itself into a media event. To date jovoto has worked with more than 100 000 creative talents and successfully organized more than 380 challenges. jovoto was founded in Berlin at the University of Arts in 2007.

Business Case (short): 

Download case studies on jovoto home page: .

Business Case (extended): 

- By crowdstorming the future of the service station, Total screened a vast amount of innovation outside their own organization and collaborated with 462 creative professionals from more than 20 countries.

- Coca-Cola invited experts and designers from around the world to co-create the reusable bottle crate. Over 4 000 participants from 75 countries submitted 443 entries and voted their favourites over 60 000 times, organically reaching more than 237 Million people.

- Crowdstorms have helped Greenpeace to discover thousands of big impact ideas for their campaigns and connect with millions more through additional media and social media buzz.


Crowd Competition: challenges are presented in on online environment, and ideas to solve the challenge are requested from large groups of people with a set of competences that matches the needs of the challenge.

Process description: 

1. Build Brief.

2. Pick project type (pricing options).

3. Launch contest.

4. Review submissions by jovoto.

5. Choose winners.

Requirements to implement in an organization: 


Technology & integration: 

Stand-alone, web based, not integrated with other tools. Requires a recent web browser.