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Business Case (short): 
Business Case (extended): 

In February, OpenIDEO launched the Water and Sanitation Challenge -sponsored by in order to uncover solutions that expand water and sanitation solutions among low-income households in India. By May, more than 8,000 people worldwide and 143 water and sanitation organizations in India participated. After a refinement and evaluation process, two organizations were selected to receive up to $250,000 USD each to support their efforts and we're excited to congratulate and announce the winners: Samagra and Svadha.


Crowd Competition: challenges are presented in on online environment, and ideas to solve the challenge are requested from large groups of people with a set of competences that matches the needs of the challenge.

Process description: 

1. RESEARCH: It all starts with an invitation for you and others around the world to share inspirations, stories, tools and successful examples on the challenge topic.
2. IDEAS: Based on learnings from the Research phase, the OpenIDEO community shares new, wild or existing ideas and collaboratively refines them.
3. REFINEMENT: We then focus on testing ideas with end users.
4. FEEDBACK: This is when the OpenIDEO community shares comments and suggestions for next steps.
5. TOP IDEAS: Working closely with the challenge sponsor, the OpenIDEO team chooses a set of top ideas based on their potential for impact, level of engagement and relevance to the challenge topic and evaluation criteria.
6. IMPACT: This is where you can share learnings, find collaborators and share updates on how ideas are evolving.

Global issues
Requirements to implement in an organization: 


Technology & integration: 

Stand-alone, web based, not integrated with other tools. Requires a recent web browser.