Rapid Experimentation and Deal Design (REDD)

REDD is a new innovation method for experimeting and designing, done through high-level collaboration innovation process to create rapid scalable value creating services and concepts between organisations and key stakeholders.

Business Case (short): 

The process has been done manually. The automated version is under development.

Business Case (extended): 

The Rapid Experimentation and Deal Design (REDD) Environment is the way to develop, test, and start implementing new successful operational modes in the regions. It is a collaboration tool for rapid experimentation of different digital enabled services. Typically the rapid experimentation happens between the city and the infra providers (power, water, traffic, networks, education etc.). Essential feature is to get feedback for the proposed new service within minutes using the social media tools. The results from the Policy Brief Tool can be tested and validated with this Rapid Experimentation and Deal Design environment.


not available

Process description: 

Small incremental improvement proposals are tested at high speed and a deal of implementation is agreed in the end of the workshop.

Local government, infrastructure providers
Requirements to implement in an organization: 

Clear definition of an organisational or personal need, use of social media.

Technology & integration: 

Sofware not available at the moment.