Companies challenge students by offering innovative contests.

Business Case (short): 
Business Case (extended): 

"Turn YouTube into a daily ritual destination the way TV was for past generations!" was the challenge launched to the students by the most famous search engine with the Google YouTube Challenge (GYC). Their goal? Position theirselves as if they were a channel owner in order to find new ways to engage users with YouTube content. Mission accomplished for the 3 teams on the podium: "Beluga", "YouTube 3.0" and team "TSML".


Crowd Competition: challenges are presented in on online environment, and ideas to solve the challenge are requested from large groups of people with a set of competences that matches the needs of the challenge.

Process description: 

A challenge lasts about 3-4 months. During the course of the challenge, companies are free to choose the way they get involved. They have the possibility to coach teams, video chat with candidates, give the students advice on how to best tackle their problem, or just participate in the selection phase and the voting of projects.

Requirements to implement in an organization: 


Technology & integration: 

Stand-alone, web based, not integrated with other tools. Requires a recent web browser.