The Three Os: Open Innovation

May, 2016

The book Open Innovation, Open Science, Open to the World - a vision for Europe brings together some of the key conceptual insights behind the "Three Os" and highlights actions that are already taking place or are being prepared at time of publication in May 2016.
Research and innovation are changing rapidly. Digital technologies are making science and innovation more collaborative, international and open to citizens. The basic premise of Open Innovation is to introduce more actors in the innovation process so that knowledge can circulate more freely and be transformed into products and services that create new markets, fostering a stronger culture of entrepreneurship.The Open Science goal is materialising in the development of a European Science Cloud and open access to scientific data generated by Horizon 2020 projects.
The chapter on Open Innovation discusses how the concept has evolved, sets out the links to Open Science and Open to the World, and discusses the practical steps that the Commission will take to create a European Open Innovation ecosystem, in the context of the priorities of the European Commission.
You can download the book from the EU Bookshop.