D3.1 Report on the design and planning of the UIS interfaces building blocks

October, 2018

Science2Society is developing, describing and assessing the mechanisms through which universities, research organisations, society and industry collaborate to create value. Key element considered in Science2Society is the university-industry-society interface schemes (UIS interface-schemes) that take substantial advantage of Open Innovation and Science 2.0. These UIS interface schemes will be applied to seven concrete use cases (so-called pilots) of university-industry-society cooperation tailoring and adapting their building blocks to different contexts, sectors and applications. The objective of this report is to describe the design and the plan for implementation of the pilots in detail. The description is composed of a comprehensive outline of the pilots addressing the motivation, the goals, why the respective pilot is an open innovation scheme, the content, the expected results and the uniqueness of the respective pilot. and structured description detailing the relevant stakeholders and actors, the process and timing of the implementation as well as the expected results, key performance indicators and critical success factors.