ProtoSphere is business collaboration software that allows your organization to quickly create a 3D immersive environment optimized for business applications such as e-learning, virtual meetings and virtual conference events, scientific research and development, and sales and manufacturing collaborations involving rich data visualization. ProtoSphere allows global organizations to effectively bring together their best people and relevant information to make optimal business decisions, from anywhere, at anytime.

Business Case (short): 

ProtoSphere provides a virtual meeting environment that’s just like being there. It combines the benefits of the virtual and the nonvirtual word: people don`t have to actaully meet physical while working with the program still feels if they are in the same room.

Business Case (extended): 

ProtoSphere use means less unproductive time wasted in airports, sitting in traffic, and waiting for connections. ProtoSphere also has the benefit of easily persisting data in electronic form after the meeting/event is over so that it can be reviewed, updated, and massaged. This persistence isn't possible with physical meetings or events. Finally, customer case studies of ProtoSphere indicate some tendency to more fluid engagement among meeting participants in brainstorming and conflict resolution because of the anonymity afforded by the avatar versus live interactions.

Process description: 

Virtual meeting environment.

Requirements to implement in an organization: 

Provide access to the platform.

Technology & integration: 

Stand alone app and browser versions.