Industry-academia private workshop

Bilateral workshop addressing specific challenge(s) posed by the company
Bilateral workshop addressing specific challenge(s) posed by the company
Objective of approach: 
  • Early identification of cooperation seeds, possibly leading to technology transfer projects
  • Proactive networking with highly interesting leads

Bilateral workshop to foster industry-academia collaboration based on a specific challenge identified by the company. The approach requires the previous identification of expertise within the university / RTO and the sound preparation of materials to be presented during the workshop.

  • Limitation of the workshop to one company + one university / RTO allows going deeper into possible confidential aspects (this can be regulated by an NDA)
  • The challenge posed by the company can be addressed from many different angles (incl. complementary technologies, expertise, groups,...), allowing for highly transversal solutions
  • Company: key staff from the R&D department
  • University / RTO: workshop facilitator, including the proactive identification and selection of research teams
  • University / RTO research teams participating in the workshop
  • Appropriate meeting room
  • Appropriate material  (incl. PC, beamer,...)
  • Food and drinks for coffee break
Success factors: 
  • A previous perquisite is the existence of previous bilateral trust
  • Good preparation of the workshop from both sides; however, special emphasis should be devoted to the role of the university / RTO facilitator
  • Lack of openness from both sides, but especially from the company
  • Lack of motivation
  • Confidentiality issues
Contact information: 

CIT UPC Technology Center (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Barcelona Tech) Ed. Til.lers (Planta 1) C/ Jordi Girona 31, 08034 Barcelona Spain