InnovationQ Plus, Powered by IEEE and

InnovationQ Plus is a powerful innovation discovery and analytics platform that combines deep engineering knowledge from IEEE content with's global patent and non-patent literature. Powered by's proprietary cognitive retrieval engine, InnovationQ Plus rapidly sifts through massive amounts of big data to quickly and efficiently pinpoint relevant patents, applications, and non-patent literature, delivering industry leading search results. InnovationQ Plus enables IP discovery, analysis, and mapping of patent and non-patent material in one easy-to-use, highly accurate search tool.

Business Case (short): 

In any kind of project, and in any phase of the project, where information (scenarios,  search of technologies and technology needs, literatures, patents, …) has to collect and analyze.

Business Case (extended): 

Prior Art Search: verify patentability of a new invention comparing key technical features of this new solution with relevant prior art in terms of patents, published applications and non-patent literature.

Freedom to Operate Search: verify the risk of infringement of a new product mapping the key technical features of this new product onto the claims of the relevant unexpired patents.

Technology Landscaping Search: verify relevant patent information in a dedicated technology domain to identify main technology trends, areas with third party patents and areas of interest that are relatively free.


Semantic search platform: Developed by experts in machine learning, the patented search engine allows anyone to find valuable content that is buried deep in complex patent and technical documents, allowing researchers and analysts to efficiently and effectively complete more of the prior art process, increasing productivity.

Visualize concepts with MapIt: MapIt provides users with a visual representation of critical documents based on concepts and meaning extracted from their content. Easily identify whitespace and quickly highlight documents by specified assignees.

Process description: 

- Idea generation, collection and evaluation (including getting information from previous research, patents, etc.).

- Development (business case & plan).

Industry, Telco, Media, Public,Retail, Energy, IT, etc.
Requirements to implement in an organization: 

not available

Technology & integration: 

Web based services.