Sectoral Cluster

Cluster involving all actors of sectoral value chain
Cluster involving all actors of sectoral value chain
Objective of approach: 
  • To build up trust in strategic partnerships
  • To identify common challenges (technology, market, regulation,...), which can be solved in a collaborative way
  • Increased lobbying potential of the cluster towards administrations

A cluster brings together relevant players of the value chain in a specific sector, which are geographically concentrated and share common strategic challenges.


As a reference, there are 30 clusters in Catalonia, home to 1,700 firms accounting for a turnover of 65 billion euros. (


The geographical proximity of the stakeholders allows for a more precise definition of the common challenges. This helps in delivering optimized solutions to such challenges.

  • Cluster manager to identify and manage the challenges of the stakeholders
  • Stakeholders' relevant staff (incl. R&D, business development, internationalization, etc.)
  • Relevant staff from the (local) administration
  • Appropriate meeting rooms
  • Appropriate material (incl. PC, beamer,...)
Success factors: 
  • Cluster manager's ability to involve stakeholders
  • Cluster manager's ability to encourage stakeholders to participate and get the maximum out of the cluster
  • Motivation of participant stakeholders
  • Local support to cluster policies
  • Confidential aspects related to the industrial challenges identified
  • Openness of the stakeholders to share their challenges
  • IP issues on the exploitation results
  • Lack of support from local administrations
Contact information: 

CIT UPC Technology Center (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Barcelona Tech) Ed. Til.lers (Planta 1) C/ Jordi Girona 31, 08034 Barcelona, Spain