Instant Agenda

Meeting facilitator in a Box, run an effective meeting without preparation.

Business Case (short): 

Use at CA Technologies as a collaboration tool for projects where meetings happen unexpectedly. Make them effective using its collaborative Instant agenda creation and follow-up of topics.

Business Case (extended): 

Our Research Team has a weekly meeting for coordination, as well as to present new ideas to the rest of the team, share knowledge, ask questions, etc. This tool allows us to add topics on the go, vote for the most (and the least) interesting ones for the team, set a specific timeline to quickly discuss them (some minutes that can be extended) and keep the list of discussed topics in the same page for further follow-up. The effectiveness of the meeting is improved simply by the fact that the agenda is created collaboratively, topics are discussed by order of preference or importance, and time is monitored for discussion.


The meeting host creates the space and invites the rest of attendees. Attendees add topics to the agenda in real time and they vote for each other's topics in real time as well. The topics are discussed by order of preference of the attendees. A specific amount of time (minutes) is given to discuss each topic. Since it is not a very big amount of time, discussions become more effective. When this time is finished, attendees decide whether they want to devote more time to discuss this topic or move to the next one.

Process description: 

Idea generation, collection and evaluation.

Requirements to implement in an organization: 


Technology & integration: 

Web based.