Software partnerships

Establishing partnerships between software enterprises and students´product development
Establishing partnerships between software enterprises and students´product development
Objective of approach: 
  • Reduce development time of software
  • Increase software quality early
  • Provide high-end software solutions for students´ product development projects

Innovative software solutions for applications (e.g. innovations platforms) in product development often need a long-time evaluation. Providing these software solutions to students´ development projects to get early feedback by test users is one way to push up market entry. This helps the students to receive access to software they otherwise couldn´t afford. On the other hand the feedback by so-called digital natives which use the software under realistic conditions unhides all kinds of weaknesses and helps to improve the software solutions.


Use high potential students within product development projects as beta-users for high-end software solutions.

  • Software solution
  • Continuos information flow between students and software developer
Success factors: 
  • Provide posibilities for fast feedback from users to developers
  • Provide information about how the feedback will be used or why it won't be used for transparency and motivational reasons
  • The software enterprise must have clear responsibilities and structures how to include students´ feedback into the improvement of software solutions
Contact information: 

IPEK - Institute of product engineering, Kaiserstrasse 10, 76131 Karlsruhe, Germany