Generic tools - Audio & video live communication

Any tools that allow live audio, video, texting and screen sharing, like Adobe Connect, Cisco WebEx, Skype (Business), Facebook Messenger & Enterprise Video Cloud.

Business Case (short): 

In any joint project where common work over different locations is necessary.

Business Case (extended): 

Two business partnters have a common project. With the given tools they can share their results online. Only for impotant meetings they have face-to-face meetings. Their regular weekly meetings are hold in a virtual enviroment. All types of documents can be shared online.


A virtual environment is used to share results and documents. Weekly meetings can take place via text, voice or video.

Process description: 

Video and audio conference tool.

Technology & integration: 

Adobe Connect: Stand alone app.

Cisco WebEx: Stand alone app.

Skype: Web based, stand alone app.

Facebook Messenger: Web based, stand alone app.

Enterprise Video Cloud: Browser plug-in, stand alone app.