Live online training

Using live training to improve professional skills (on the job)
Using live training to improve professional skills (on the job)
Objective of approach: 
  • Provide high-quality training with minimal effort

Online trainings are well known from professional teaching companies. As virtual teams meet much more seldom compared to on-site teams the informal competence exchange does often not work properly, e.g. showing a colleague how to use a software tool. To level this out live trainings can be used. At live trainings a colleague presents a competence he or she has to other team members using conferencing tools. It usually consists of a short theoretical introduction, followed by live demonstration and best practices. The sessions close with a final discussion.


Use the competence of virtual teams to a much higher degree for mutual teaching.

  • Conferencing software
Success factors: 
  • Openness and skills of team members
  • Prevention of not-invented-here-syndrome
Contact information: 

IPEK - Institute of product engineering, Kaiserstrasse 10, 76131 Karlsruhe Germany