Technology Think Tank

Technology Think Tank inside the company
Technology Think Tank inside the company
Objective of approach: 
  • Create unique opportunities for the diverse global technical community to form new relationships, drive change, collaborate and share expertise across organizational boundaries to fuel innovation and growth
  • Breaking down the real and imagined barriers between the various parts of organizations
  • Knowledge sharing and education

Each member of the technology think tank selects the projects and degree of effort they contribute, the think tank´s direction becomes a reflection of the priorities of the membership and the concerns of the technical community at large. It should comprised of employees who are selected based on their exceptional technical expertise, leadership and business acumen. Members collaborate on projects that position as an innovator and leader in the market through both inspired thinking and practical applications.

  • Find innovative solutions by leveraging a cross-organizational network to problems or questions that require different skills and perspectives
  • Allow technology think tank members to choose the projects to contribute and their efforts so that the company knows what are the priorities from the technical community
  • Technical community
  • Time devoted to each project and number of projects they participate in depends on each think tank member
Success factors: 
  • Allowing the members of a think tank select the projects they want to participate and how much effort they want to put in them. This keeps them motivated
  • Exceptional technical expertise, leadership and business acumen of the think tank members
  • Success of the think tank mentoring program to build the next generation of their members and leaders
  • Ability to keep a technical community that is connected, collaborative and inspiring (as well as inspired)
  • Day-to-day obligations may not allow think tank members to participate in as many projects as they would like to, or to put as much effort in them as they would like to
  • Time zones and tight agendas may meetings difficult
Contact information: 

CA Technologies Development Spain, SAU WTC Almeda Park Placa de la Pau, s/n - Building 2 - Floor 4, 08940 Cornellà de Llobregat (Barcelona), Spain, Dorica Munell