Software initiative for academia

Transforming today?s students into tomorrow?s leaders
Transforming today?s students into tomorrow?s leaders
Objective of approach: 
  • Providing tools and training to universities and other organizations to create the next generation of innovation

An institution may install the software in its labs, and its faculty and students may install the software on their personal computers. Software is only to be used for research purposes. The Initiative should also include the opportunity for faculty and staff to attend free courses to help them get started using the products. Member institutions may send up to 10 faculty or staff per year to courses offered at various times and locations around the world. Convenient web-based training (WBT) is also available through websites.


Universities and other research organizations have very tight budgets; providing complimentary market leading software solutions to be used for research purposes allows them to innovate.

  • Software solutions are for free
  • Technical support is offered by the company to the university at no cost
  • Training is provided by the company to the university at no cost
  • Agreement can be renewed every year
Success factors: 
  • Providing enough information about the solutions
  • Providing successful training about the solutions
  • Effective technical support
  • Some countries are not in the list of eligible countries (the organizations from those companies can still contact the organizers of the program to ask to be eligible)
Contact information: 

CA Technologies Development Spain, SAU WTC Almeda Park Placa de la Pau, s/n - Building 2 - Floor 4, 08940 Cornellà de Llobregat (Barcelona), Spain, Dorica Munell