Collaborative R&D Projects

Collaborative R&D Projects

Publicly co-funded R&D&I projects are a common instrument to bring together and use the knowledge of different organisations from academia and industry. However, their design, implementation and exploitation can still be improved in order to optimise outcomes . Especially the initiation phase seems to be very crucial, many important decisions influencing the project’s success are to made. This Pilot aims to improve the collaboration of project partners in such projects.


The Pilot’s goal is to increase synergies, quality and speed of collaborative interaction within cross-organizational  project teams and toward external stakeholders.

  • Conduct Interviews.
  • Qualitative analysis to create Dos and Don’ts.
  • Identify Guidelines.



Key factor for successful collaboration in R&D&I projects throughout the whole project duration seems to be communication. Therefore, communication strategies and also communication tools are analysed within the qualitative survey. Researchers involved in R&D&I projects explain communication strategies and tools which they experienced. Further, they evaluate the relationship between those strategies and the more or less successful outcome of the project.

Transfer Process: 
  • The pilot can be replicated by any interested stakeholders in their innovation process.
  • Blueprints for successful collaboration can be enhanced continuously with every assessed project.

Blueprints for R&D&I project teams.

  • Blueprints on how to conduct a successful R&D&I project are made available.
  • Access to good practices from researchers and practitioners.
  • Guidance to increase synergies, quality and speed of interaction within cross-organizational project teams.