Advanced Research Project (ARP)

Advanced Research Project (ARP)
Advanced Research Project (ARP)
Objective of approach: 
  • Students analyse and structure a complex and open-ended research question
  • Student group finds innovative solutions to practical problems

Students work on a current research topic from the university or from an external company. An open task definition enables the development of new solution processes. During their work the students have to find innovative solutions to practical problems as a part of innovative research.


Open minded students solve practical problems in an innovative way. Both, university and industry, can provide openly defined tasks, which are solved by the students.

  • Clear but openly defined task
  • Supervisor (scientific staff)
  • Group of students (4-7 persons)
  • Research material (library, internet access, experts, ...)
  • Test objects and equipment
Success factors: 
  • Clearly but openly defined task
  • Innovative atmosphere
  • Open minded students
  • Unclear requirements
  • Being sceptical towards innovative ideas
  • Insufficiently self-organized student groups
Contact information: 

Research Group System Reliability, Adaptive Structures, and Machine Acoustics SAM, Magdalenenstrasse 4, 64289 Darmstadt, Germany