Web-based project management application.

Business Case (short): 

Trello is a task management app that gives you a visual overview of what is being worked on and who is working on it. It is best represented as a whiteboard filled with post-it notes. Each post-it represents different tasks involved in the project.

Business Case (extended): 

Trello is a system of boards, lists and cards. This creates a system that allows for individuals or teams to track a project and collaborate or contribute where they can be most useful or where it is most needed.


Trello uses the kanban paradigm for managing projects. Projects are represented by boards, which contain lists (corresponding to task lists). Lists contain cards (corresponding to tasks). Cards are supposed to progress from one list to the next (via drag-and-drop), for instance mirroring the flow of a feature from idea to implementation. Users can be assigned to cards. Users and boards can be grouped into organizations.

Process description: 

Project management.

Requirements to implement in an organization: 

not availble

Technology & integration: 

It supports iPhone, Android and Windows 8 mobile platforms the website has been designed to be accessible in most mobile web browsers.