Creation of a Center of Excellence

Universities, RTOs and companies with an interest in the same field associate
Universities, RTOs and companies with an interest in the same field associate
Objective of approach: 

Join efforts to promote the coordinated and joint development of a culture of quality, innovation and excellence.

A center of excellence is an association of organizations that promote excellence, quality and innovation. A leader is needed in order to analyse the model and motivation; and find partners that will be part of this association. This approach aims at having one representative from academia and one from industry joining efforts to have a comprehensive overview of the vision and the motivation of both sectors.


When a university and a company join efforts, they can lead the creation of an association to promote excellence, quality and innovation more efficiently because they represent the interests of both academia and industry.

  • Dedication from university and company research staff
  • Dedication from university and company administrative staff
  • Involvement of top management in both organizations
Success factors: 
  • Align the interests of all the organizations well
  • Plan the role of each organization well
  • Plan the funding model well
  • Motivate and get compromise from the organizations
  • Involve top management to be aligned with the idea
  • Take into account all aspects, including legal and financial
  • Get funding for the Center of Excellence
  • Legal issues
Contact information: 

CA Technologies Development Spain, SAU WTC Almeda Park Placa de la Pau, s/n - Building 2 - Floor 4, 08940 Cornellà de Llobregat (Barcelona), Spain, Dorica Munell