Evernote is an app and note-taking tool that stores everything like simple typed note, business cards, article you want to read, to do list, or even a boarding pass.

Business Case (short): 

Networking tool, App works keeping everything in sync between your smartphone & your computer, support for collecting and register business cards & contacts.

Business Case (extended): 

As well as the keyboard entry of typed notes, Evernote supports image capture from cameras on supported devices, and the recording of voice notes. On supported operating systems, Evernote allows users to store and edit notes on their local machine. Users with Internet access and an Evernote account can also have their notes automatically synchronized with a master copy held on Evernote's servers. This approach lets a user access and edit their data across multiple machines and operating system platforms, but still view, input and edit data when an Internet connection is not available. However, notes stored on Evernote servers are not encrypted. Where Evernote client software is not available, online account-holders can access their note archive via a web interface or through a media device.


Tool that lets you easily capture, organize and find content from the web. It allows adding notes, tagging, uploading photos, adding reminder etc.

Process description: 

Networking tool & text formatting tools which have the ability to embed tables, files and pictures; to record audio & video as part of your notes.

Requirements to implement in an organization: 

Have access to the platform.

Technology & integration: 

Web based platform.