Industrial researchers as lecturers

Exciting students for a certain application domain
Exciting students for a certain application domain
Objective of approach: 
  • Give students an industry view on a certain application domain
  • Excite students to pursue a career in a certain domain

Experienced researchers from industry companies lecture to share first experiences. This give the students on the one hand a realistic view on the industry in certain application domains, on the other hand it allows the lecturer to create awareness around certain topics and increase the number of students that will continue a career in those fields. The examination of those courses can be done in consultation with the responsible professor of the course.


Having experts in their domain to excite students for a career in their application domain. Provide unique industrial insides to students.

  • Curriculum that allows for guest lecturers
  • Experienced researchers with an interest in giving guest lecturers
  • Time allocations to prepare lecture materials
Success factors: 
  • Lecture material
  • Harmonize with curriculum
  • Time constraints
Contact information: 

KU Leuven - Noise and Vibration Research Group, Celestijnenlaan 300B, 3001 Leuven Belgium