blueKiwi ZEN

Enterprise Social Software.

Business Case (short): 

blueKiwi ZEN is a collaboration platform. Designed for internal messaging and collaboration within an enterprise, blueKiwi ZEN simplies existing processes by stimulating collaboration, sharing and productivity. It helps to reduce costs, accelerate decision making and improve employee integration. It can be used as Social Intranet, Document Management System and/or Collaboration tool.
bluekiwi ZEN implementes a space for sharing ideas and views/comments/votes.
The space is related to three Atos internal transformation programs wich are community enabled.

Business Case (extended): 

The Innovation process enable to collaboratively contribute to ideas generation, selection, evaluation and implementation, and ultimately transform the company.

Drive Innovation

- Make internal and external crowdsourcing from idea generation to product/service launch. - Stay tuned and involved during the complete lifecycle of an idea.

- Effectively build and manage an ideation portfolio over all phases of the innovation funnel.

- Easily re-use earlier gained insights in new innovation processes.


Build and manage an ideation portfolio over all phases of the innovation funnel.

Process description: 

The communities provide "Ideas Guidelines", a template to present the ideas. Once the idea is shared the employee can use his network to get other people engaged in the idea enrichment and collaboratively move it forward. Employees can also join the communities to read, vote and comment on their colleagues' ideas, collaborating to improve and support their ideas. The community leaders and community moderators play a key role in monitoring the ideas, giving suggestions and feedback to the idea owners, engaging with experts, business owners and the strategic transformation program owners, to move the ideas on to the next idea-stage and promote their implementation.

Requirements to implement in an organization: 

blueKiwi is meant to be used from large enterprises to medium business.

Technology & integration: 

Deployment as SaaS. blueKiwi offers an API and supports the following integrations:

- Microsoft Sharepoint

- Lync

- Office

- Outlook